Saturday, January 17, 2009



You may be wondering what am I doing on at this time.

I in the presence of the strangest group of people I have ever been around.

They are having a convention in town and our hotel is one of the main venues.

The group is MAL

I'll share details later but I needed to start this.

I am waiting around for the party to quiet down so that I can start my work.

Well the party is over.
I'll share some of my impressions for prosperity.
MAL is a gay organisation of guys that are into leather.
These guys hang out and play with each other in all kinds of strange ways. Strange to me.
For example;
Dressing up like a Nazi with the jack boots hat and other accessories and flogging your "boy"
Yep, whipping the shit out of him in public.
Leading around your "boys" on a leash who are dressed in harness and jock straps.
Tying up your "boy" and having him kiss and lick you toes for all to see.
Walking around in chaps with your cheeks hanging out.
And of course there is all the kissing and fondling

I've been around a bit and seen all kinds of things, but I have to say that today tops all. Even the guy riding his horse through the lobby of the hotel in the buff. That was funny specially with "Lady Godiva" following close behind on her own horse.
Well anyway, that's my story for today.
They leave on Monday all at one time and then comes the next great adventure. The inauguration.

Till then,

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